Kayla & Brandon's Engagement

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Kayla & Brandon's Engagement Story
By: Kayla Walker (Gehringer)

  Well let's begin with the entire trip I took to get to Brandon, and the story that goes along with my travels. I started out in the Pensacola Airport passing through Houston, Washington DC, and Kuwait before finally making it back to my best friend in Bahrain. I left on June 12th a Tuesday in Mobile, Alabama and arrived at 9 pm on June 13th. My mom, nanny, and brother Tyler took me to the Pensacola airport where I left at 2 pm. I was so nervous to leave my family and go that far away without my parents. LOL Brandon jokes around that he wondered if the umbilical cord would reach! He is something else ;) Well on the way to Houston I met the sweetest old lady that told me she could tell I truly loved Brandon by the way I lit up when I talked about him, and she preceded to tell me about her husband and when she traveled to Japan to see him when he was in the military. She really eased my nerves!

This is where Brandon lives until March 2014!

The rest of the trip was pretty much nerve racking, but I was so excited to see him again. He is just the absolute love of my life and I would go wherever it took to be with him. I literally read the book Safe Haven the entire 24 hour trip! When I left Washington on the way to Kuwait I sat next to a girl and we talked on and on for hours while everyone else slept away. She kept asking me tons of questions about our relationship and all the little details. I told her he left in March and that the distance had allowed our relationship to strengthen so much. All of a sudden she said, "what if he asks you to marry him?" What are you going to do? Or say? Or wear? She was such a blessing and I enjoyed her company on the NEVER ENDING flight.

The flight distance from Mobile, Al to Bahrain is:
7696.21 miles / 12385.85 km
Time difference- 8 hours

In Kuwait we separated and she went on to her next flight, and I waited for my connecting flight to Bahrain.  Yay! I was only about 45 minutes away! It seemed like I had been stuck on a plane for so long just waiting for the moment I would see him again. The long distance, time differences, and sleepless nights were almost over for the next two weeks!! I shuffled around fixed my hair and put on my makeup so I would look halfway presentable when he seen me. Then after we landed I went through customs which was a never ending process! Finally, I went through security and there HE WAS! I was literally dragging my purse and Vera Bradley bags through this airport just absolutely worn out.

As soon as I seen him he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him!!!

 This is the place where my life was forever changed for the better!

 If anyone knows me at all they know I get embarrassed very easily, and I was so shocked and happy at the same time.. I always thought I knew exactly what would happen when my time came to say YES, but that wasn't the case at all. I love him so much, and I was literally at a loss for words. Like he finally just put the ring on my finger and after that I said "mhhmm". He means so much to me and getting engaged had crossed my mind numerous times but I never dreamed he would do it at the airport. It was a total shock and I wasn't prepared to say the least! The ring is absolutely beautiful! It shines and sparkles just like I always dreamed that it would. Not only am I officially engaged, but I couldn't be any happier with my life and our future together.

Here are a few engagement portraits from Lyn Taylor Photography!


This is where I, Lyn Taylor Photography, came in. I had worked with Kayla's family once before so they contacted me about the wedding and we agreed I would do the engagement session, bridal session and wedding day. It was honestly such a wonderful experience being a part of this couple's amazing day.

Link to Kayla's blog post : Kayla's blog


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