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I am often asked where I get so many of my daughter's beautiful gowns. 90% of the time they will be from Dollcake clothing. Yes, the dresses might seem a bit pricey to some but when you are investing in portraits that will be displayed in your home, wardrobe is very important. And just a heads up, Dollcake holds it's value, so if you keep it in great condition you can sell it for the same price you bought it for. 

When perusing the site, also remember that you need to click the USD conversion in the upper corner to make sure you are seeing the prices for the United States.

I learned the hard way that if you want a dress from Dollcake, you don't wait. You buy it THAT VERY INSTANT. People around the world go nuts over these gowns and they will be gone in the blink of an eye. I have missed out on three gowns I wanted because I decided I would "wait until tomorrow". Bad move. They were gone. Not to be restocked. 

Many of the gowns on Dollcake do not get restocked. They are limited in quality and sizes. If you try to find the same gown used hoping to get a better are likely out of luck. Most of the gowns will be for resale at 2-3x the original cost. Your best bet is to order straight from Dollcake brand new. It's one of the few brands of clothing other than vintage, where you will end up paying more for a used out of season item.

Also, Dollcake is out of Australia. So their seasons are opposite of ours as will there clothing line often be. It's in the 80s here today but Dollcake is listing their Winter stock of long sleeved gowns right now. So you will need to keep an eye out and possibly buy a size larger so it will fit when your "season" comes around.

As for fit of the Dollcake clothing, it can be a little tricky. It varies with each season it seems. Typically the stretchy dresses run a tad large. My daughter wears a true 4t and the gowns are a tad large on her but look beautiful and still give her room to grow. However if you buy a dress with a fitted non stretch top be careful on sizing. We bought a 4t Golden Hour gown from Dollcake for my daughter for Christmas and we couldn't even get her arms in to it. There just wasn't any give to it at all and fit more like a smaller 3t. In recent months, Dollcake has been fabulous about posting how the dresses are running in size on each dress. If in doubt, just email them and they will happily let you know how the fit is.

Another of my favorites is Fabtutus. They have dresses in various price ranges and a brand new couture line out that will make you swoon. They also carry dresses for mom and maternity wear. I bought the adorable Ruffles & Bows Petti Dress for my little girl about 2.5 years ago and even after her own photo sessions in it and several client's photo sessions in it, it still looks absolutely amazing. You truly get what you pay for with these gowns. They are very well made and have great attention to detail.

Oh how I adore Millie Mae gowns! We have bought two from her and they are all custom made. I picked the design and the fabrics and they are out of this world. Each gown has been able to be worn for almost 2 years because of the stretch of the fabric. Pair it with a petti skirt underneath for some extra flair. These are fabulous and you will not be disappointed. 

Rosie Posie makes some truly beautiful ruffly gowns and pant sets. We bought a shantung and lace ruffle pants with flutter sleeve boutique top from them in a 3t and 5t because, well...I love it that much lol. 

All of these outfits are available to use for your photo session plus many more petti rompers, tutus and dresses at no additional charge when booking with Lyn Taylor Photography of Mobile, Alabama
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