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A New Journey With Cardiac Issues

May 30, 2015  •  5 Comments

Last weekend while on a session I had a cardiac episode. After speaking with my cardiologist and after receiving my tests results we have decided the best thing for me right now is to take a step back until we can get my heart on the right path. I will be continuing with Fresh 48 sessions, all weddings that have been booked, sessions that already have been booked, and baby grow up plans but will only be taking other sessions on a case by case basis. NO weddings what so ever likely for the rest of the year as they are just too much strain on my heart. 

We will be weighing the options of beta blockers, a pacemaker or an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). I was diagnosed with LQTS (Long QT Syndrome) and some other heart issues that are still being tested for further results. So keeping out of the heat and keeping my stress levels as low as possible right now are paramount to my heart being in good shape.

Photography has been my life since I was a child. Rarely would you ever find me without a camera in my hand (though most photos were out of focus lol). I have worked extremely hard to build my business, build lasting relationships with my amazingly loyal clients, and push forward with growing as a photographer to give my clients the best experience possible. But at this point, I have to think of my family. Of my own personal health. I have to take a step back which breaks my heart (no pun intended) more than you can ever imagine. Photography has always been my release. My creative outlet. In many ways it was my own personal therapy. Being able to capture the beauty in the world, in people, always lifted my spirits.

I have a wonderful cardiologist, amazing nursing staff and a great electrophysiologist that are doing everything possible to get my heart on the right track. Unfortunately LQTS is a hereditary issue so we will also be having my daughter tested to see if we need to return to Birmingham to her cardiology team. 

For my existing clients, if you need a session just call me or message me. We can possibly work out a mini session so I'm not pushing myself too hard in the heat. But for new clients, for the next couple of months, like I mentioned earlier in this will be a case by case basis.

For my Bald is Beautiful clients. Nothing can keep me away from your sessions. Period. And that includes new clients. I will continue to photograph any and all children with cancer or terminal illnesses for free. I will continue to photograph all women battling cancer. This is just something I am NOT willing to back off of. I however might be bringing in extra help for the sessions to assist me and getting creative with locations. Possibly renting a studio out to use for your sessions during the hotter months of the year.

The number one thing I want you all to know is that this is not goodbye for me as a photographer. This is me just taking some extended time off to make sure I'm around for years to come for my family and for my clients.

While I am taking time "off" from photographing, I will still be working on my skills. I have several workshops lined up and several classes online that I will be doing so I plan on coming back soon stronger than ever. Both physically and as a photographer.

Make sure to click the links above about the different devices and LQTS. Before my diagnosis I had never heard of LQTS which shocked me with all of the heart issues and surgeries my daughter has had. My life has always been an open book with our journey through life and raising a child with special needs, so this new journey will be no different. I feel education and awareness are of utmost importance and as a business owner with a large audience, I would be remiss to not spread awareness about a potentially fatal disorder that is so unknown to the general public. 



Tracy W(non-registered)
I am sorry to hear you are having to deal with heart issues. You have always struck me as such a beautiful & strong person inside & out! You are even more beautiful & strong for realizing what you have to do to be around longer for your family. I will send prayers up.
johannah back(non-registered)
Love u! Take care of yourself!
I am so sorry to hear this and you will be in my prayers! I have long admired your work and it drives me to continually improve my own through practice and education. I can't imagine not seeing your updates and beautiful art on my feed anymore. I wish you good rest and a fast recover. And keep writing :)
Laura Heffner(non-registered)
I just love seeing your beautiful work, but your health comes first. I wish you luck when choosing the best treatment for you!Please keep us updated via your FB page. XX and prayers
I hope they find the best treatment for you, soon.
Speedy, healing, well-wishes!
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