Lyn Taylor Photography of Mobile Alabama | How To Prepare For Your Photo Shoot

Photo Shoots Involving Children


When children are involved ALWAYS plan for the worst case scenario. Here are a few things you might need for your photo shoot.

  1. Two extra sets of clothing. I highly suggest investing in one really nice outfit and waiting until you get to the photo shoot to change your child in to it. Your clothing choice for you child can make or break the photos. Think texture. Buttons, smocking, ruffles. All of these add visual interest to the photo. You normally don't want your special photos of your child to be in an outfit they would wear on a normal day. These are special portraits you will keep for life.
  2. A blanket that coordinates with the child's clothing if you have one. It's always great to have a blanket on hand. An old quilt from Grandma is a great way to add something special to the pictures and keep your little one from getting dirty on the ground. Sometimes the ground may be wet and I do carry a waterproof blanket with me but it is a plain grey and doesn't have much visual spark.
  3. Hair accessories to match the outfit. Hats bows, headbands. Feel free to bring several that coordinate so we can switch them up through the session. Simple hair accessories can completely change the look of the photograph. Also make sure to always bring a hairbrush!
  4. Comfort items for your little one. Maybe buy an inexpensive stuffed animal that would look cute in the pictures and keep it hidden as a special treat if the child gets upset during the photo shoot.
  5. This may seem odd to list but do NOT forget shoes and socks. It's the number one most forgotten item for a photo shoot!

Adult photo shoots:

  1. Find a color that compliments your skin but try to stay away from white as the light will reflect off of your shirt and won't be as striking in the pictures.
  2. If you wear a print try to stick with large prints and not small prints. Think BOLD.
  3. Consider investing in having your makeup professionally done. It can make a huge difference in your portraits. If you are not into makeup, consider at least wearing eyeliner. Your eyes will pop in the photographs and it will give some added dimension to your face.
  4. Consider getting your hair styled the day of the photo session. For some reason, no matter how hard we try, the salon always does it better :)
  5. Bring an extra shirt just in case something gets spilled on yours.
  6. Avoid white pants as you will often be sitting on the ground or old stairs.
  7. If you wear false eyelashes make sure they are glued on very well so they aren't falling off mid way through the shoot.
  8. More than likely you will be doing some fake smiles during the shoot. Try practicing them in front of a mirror first :)
  9. Most importantly just relax on the photo shoot and look at the camera. I will get your child's attention if you are in the photograph with them. You just focus on me and everything else will fall in to place. You might think your child is being a holy terror but I can assure you I have seen MUCH worse :)