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Created 7-Sep-13
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The Bald Is Beautiful Campaign came about from a single moment in time. After my mother shaved my grandmother's head during her treatment for stage 4 lung cancer, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and asked if she was still beautiful. That one single moment has stuck with me for many years.

She didn't realize that it wasn't her hair that made her beautiful. It was her inner beauty that shined through the darkness and lit the world. She passed away a couple weeks later and I have always said that I hope I can have as much grace and dignity in life as she did in death. So I dedicate each session to her, Bernice Violet Steele.

Her inner strength is what made her beautiful and I hope to keep her memory alive with each of these sessions by letting women know that it is not your hair, your eye brows, or eyelashes that define you as a woman or your femininity. Your beauty will glow from the inside out. You are fighters, moms, sisters, daughters and beautiful just the way you are. All of your layers are stripped away and people see you for you. And what we see is magnanimous and breath taking.

The Bald Is Beautiful campaign also offers free sessions to children battling cancer at any stage during their treatment.

Battle Sessions are for women that have lost their hair due to the effects of chemo or radiation.

Legacy Sessions are for women that have been diagnosed as terminal and would like to have photographs to pass on to their family. They can be individual sessions, family sessions or both.

Battle Sessions and Legacy Sessions are of no cost to the client. They have always, and will always be free of charge.

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Kim Black(non-registered)
I am so thankful to have these photos of my wonderful sister, Dawn. I would never have had anything like this if it wasn't for Amber. It took Dawn a lot of courage to take these photos and I am so glad she did. I will always cherish these.
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